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Christmas from Africa


CHRISTMAS FROM AFRICA by musical genius Hum Kay is a fresh rendition of the timeless carols we have always loved, tastefully blended with enchanting African grooves to enrich your festive experience! Download your copy right here and make this special season truly special

More than just an album, this is in fact a lifeline to thousands sturggling to access quality healthcare in my home country. Your purchase of this record is a direct contribution towards addressing their plight as my friends and I build a community hospital in Eastern Uganda. Thanks for your generoristy and Merry Christmas from Africa.

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Hum Kay (aka. Humphrey M. Kiingi) is an accomplished Recording Artist, Author, Song Writer, Film Scorer, Vocal Coach, Worship Minister & Activity Coordinator with ACN Africa. He is also a professional & proficient linguist, creative writer & discourse analyst; with 7 years’ experience as a University Lecturer in Communication Studies.

With over a decade of local and international practice in Art and Ministry, Hum Kay has shared platforms with numerous bands and artists - both local and international – Alvin Slaughter, Phil Driscrol, Byron Cage, Kirk Franklin, Shaween Gardener, Muyiwa, Benjamin Dube, Lionel Peterson, Georgian Banov, Chioma, our own Limit –X, Isaiah Katumwa, Wesa and Puerto Rican musical Ambassador – Adlan Cruz, are but a few. Hum Kay has coached artists including Maurice Kirya, Rachel Magoola (Afrigo Band), Exodus, Solome Basuuta and mentors numerous worship ministers across Africa.

He has released 5 albums & a Live DVD record as follows: GO FOR GOLD (2004), BYONKOLEDDE (2007), ASAANIDDE (2009), OLI NANGE-By My Side (2012) The HK Live DVD, and CHRISTMAS FROM AFRICA (2017) and several singles. A new collection is currently in the works.

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