School of Worship


Through the School Of Worship (SOW),
We believe to see the emergence of more effective,
and sociable worship ministers,
who are more spiritualy aware of their call
and place in ministry.

Purpose Statement

It is the intent of the School of Worship to transition the body of Christ from a place where worship leaders learn on the pulpit, to a place where both prospective and serving worship ministers can obtain Bibilical teaching, Professional Training and Hands-On Mentorhip, so as to be equipped for the work of ministry.


The School of Worship was conceived in response to the prompting of the Holy Spirit , starting as an individual by individual, school by school, university by univesity and church by church outreach, which crystalized into an annual gathering of worship ministers called The Worship Ministers Summit; a one day school of worship. At that point is when the Lord made it clear that a standing School of Worship was long overdue.

Worship Ministries Summit 2020

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